About Kind Mind



Today's average employee works more and is less active than ever before. As a result, a staff member’s poor health and personal issues may more often than not be brought into your workplace. This can result in disengagement, demotivation, and a lack of productivity often increasing cost, illness, stress, and employee disengagement.

Kind Mind is a digital wellness solution that sees a future where wellness culture is the default, not the exception. With the Kind Mind app, you can help us help you take care of your employees and harness the potential of wellness in the workplace.

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Our Values

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We Innovate

We strive to apply better solutions to meet new and existing needs. We aim for innovation not only within our organisation but also in the way we approach all aspects of our business. When presented with challenges we have the skillset to challenge head on and solve.


We are ingenious

Ingenuity encapsulates the qualities of originality and inventiveness. Often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges, we find ways to realise the most creative solution. This is what makes Kind Mind Distinct.


We value people

Employee talent is the cornerstone of the success of any business. Their expertise, capabilities and commitment underpin the success of a company. Kind Mind strives to create an environment where people meet fresh, exciting challenges and the experience of a job well done.

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Kind Mind empowers businesses to welcome wellbeing and improve the health & wellness of every employee.
Available through our unique app, Kind Mind aims to reshape the future of health and wellbeing by bringing actionable insights to its users.

Meet The Team

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Peter Jones


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Peter has spent the last 25 years starting and growing several highly successful businesses. 


He has extensive international experience as well as a proven track record of developing high performing teams, business plan implementation and managing change.

Senior Success Manager

Iris Robinson


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Iris has spent the last 7 years working for one of the largest insurance companies in the UK. Iris is experienced in championing & implementing workplace change. 


Iris supports Kind Mind with her skills in key account and project management as well as digital operations.


Josh Wardle


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Josh is a Strength & Conditioning coach with experience in leading holistic health, performance and sustainable change programs to both professional sports people and senior executives. 


Josh provides the team with support in content curation, product development & behaviour change management.

Chief Technical Officer

Ryan Griffiths


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Ryan is an experienced leader of technical  teams of strategists and developers delivering new solutions from concept to delivered products. 


Working with the very latest in software development platforms and tools Ryan also heads up the (IOT) Internet of Things research projects and brings his experience as the Technical Lead on projects.

Platform Technical Lead

Jo Polson


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A seasoned operations executive, leader and strategist with proven track record in delivery of Change Management, BDM, UX/Product Design, Web/Digital, Visualisation and problem solver. 


Jo co-leads the innovation team of strategists and developers delivering new solutions from concept to a delivered product.

Intervention Consultant

David Leckie


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David is the founding director of Mind Matters, (Kind Mind’s counselling partner organisation) and is himself a counsellor and mediator with over 30 years’ experience in the provision of mental health support services to the workplace. 


David provides the team with clinical support and guidance with regard to all aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

Research Consultant

Dr Anouska Carter


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Anouska is a Principal Researcher in the PAWPH research group at Sheffield Hallam University and a co-locator at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre. 


Anouska has worked within the research centre for over 15 years where the team in are dedicated to conducting impactful research and consultancy that support people to lead healthy, happy and active lives.